FSReborn Series
a new level of immersive experience

A product from Flight Sim Technologies

Your dreams are the same as ours

For years many flight simulators have been available on the market but one way or another there is always something missing, something that you wish was there, something that you wish could be developed, something that would make you feel like a real pilot.


We want as much as you to feel a new level of immersion and extend the capabilities of our flight simulators.


Our passion for flying is the same as yours, we understand how close to reality you want your flight experience to be.

Attention to detail

There is nothing more frustrating during any flight session than encountering missing details that ruin the simulation experience.

Tools easy to implement

We have a a lot of experience as flight simulator users, we fly often like you, we buy and use simulator's add-on's like you.

Flight Simulator add- on's should be easy to install and configure, you want to use your valuable free time flying, not configuring tools.

Recent Releases

AI Lights Reborn Free Ed.

Learn more

 Coming Soon

AI Lights Reborn Professional Ed.

All features from the free edition plus:
  • High quality landing lights for AI traffic.
  • Dynamic lighting effects depending on weather conditions!
  • Different lighting patterns for each type of AI model, for example Airbus AI models have different strobe lights from Boeing AI models.
          and many more features...

AI Traffic Reborn Runway Control 

We don't want too reveal much about this new revolutionary tool, but with this add-on you will notice an incredible improvement in runway management for any given airport...

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